This website serves as a central place for our community to share knowledge about our wildlife neighbors. It connects county residents to the landscape around them, educates residents about the wildlife that coexists with them, offers opportunities to get involved in wildlife projects, and informs about local wildlife conservation issues.






Autumn Iverson is a wildlife ecologist and Santa Rosa resident. She received a Bachelor’s and Master’s in Biology from UCSD and has since worked on conservation and wildlife issues around the country and abroad for over a decade. Autumn writes about  biology, conservation, and the environmental / outdoor lifestyle at

You can contact her at


Suzanne Doyle has worked on environmental policy in Sonoma County for more than 15 years and wants to get away from the computer and learn more about wildlife and ecosystems.



Kaare Iverson is a outdoor lifestyle photographer based in Sonoma County. He has contributed photos to our site, including the banner images.