In the spring I camped with my family on a ranch in the Bodega Bay area. While hiking, I spotted three newts in a small trail-side pool and we snapped these photos:

Photo courtesy of Kaare Iverson


Photo courtesy Kaare Iverson


“By a stroke of geographic fortune, Sonoma County is home to three of the four species of newt that occur in California,” said Jeanne Wirka in a wonderful article in the Press Democrat. She goes on to explain that we have the red-bellied, rough-skinned and California newts here. I’m guessing this is either a rough-skinned or California newt. What do you think?


For more on newts, please see Jeanne Wirka’s article (she gives great advice for handling them too – remember they’re toxic!) and the Salamander page on To see where newts have been recorded around you by our naturalist community, check out the Sonoma County iNaturalist page (search under Amphibians).





Sonoma County Newts